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Rover of Nations @Hannelore.the.Beast

As a 2.5 + year 4-wheeler, 26 year old Moritz Fischer aka Hannelore.the.beast in his 2004 Land Rover Defender Td5 2.5L Manual transmission. His upgrades include the following: LR winch bumper with Tibus winch. External safety roll cage. Ltprtz Headlights and spots. Brobet Rims with BF Goodrich all terrain KO2.

He has traveled around Germany, Austria, Italy, Swiss, Croatia.  He loves to make time to explore and travel to new places. Its all about the experience and being able to find cool spots to camp and trails to explore. His ultimate goal is to help give back and work part time for search and rescue missions. He believes in being a responsible over-lander, leaving little trace of his presence and helping where ever he may go. 





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